Our consultancy services include conducting techno-economic and feasibility studies and preparation of detailed project reports, design engineering services, procurement assistance services, project management consultancy services, quality assurance services and inspection, training services, construction supervision, materials system management services, commissioning support and general transaction advisory services including operation and maintenance.

Techno – economic viability studies, feasibility studies and detailed project reports

We undertake for our clients, preparation of pre–feasibility studies, techno-economic feasibility studies and detailed project reports to determine the feasibility of a project before actual implementation. As part of the preparation of feasibility reports, we analyse the technological and economic viability of a project as well as provide social and environment planning services. This involves amongst others, surveys, analysis and design and drawings of project structures, technical specifications for construction and procurement, detailed estimation of the project cost, potential revenue streams and the modes of financing.

Techno – economic viability studies, feasibility studies and detailed project reports

RITES' success story spans over 49 years covering more than 55 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America, and Middle East regions.

Design engineering services

Under design engineering services, we undertake the design of projects in engineering disciplines such as architectural engineering, civil, mechanical, structural and rolling stock design equipment. We also provide consultancy services to align the function, scope, cost and schedule of each project with cost optimisation.

Project management consultancy

Project management consultancy involves the primary responsibility of managing all aspects of delivering projects on schedule and within the available budget from concept stage to commissioning stage including framing the contract conditions, preparation of contract documents, inviting and evaluation of bids up to award of contract to vendor/contractor, contract administration, preparation of project execution plans, detailed schedules, cost forecasts, progress tracking and reporting as well as supervision of deliverables of suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors on behalf of the client.

Construction supervision

We provide comprehensive construction supervision services at site including actual construction monitoring, progress monitoring, scheduling and ensuring that the quality standards and specifications as per the requirements of the client are being complied with by contractors and third parties during the construction process.

Materials system management

We undertake consultancy and advisory services for procurement of goods, works and services for various projects. We also assist in preparation of applicable standards and specifications, preparation of tender documents and processing of purchase orders to ensure compliance with applicable terms and conditions as specified by the funding agency.

Commissioning support & transaction advisory services

Our commissioning services include pre–commissioning and commissioning assistance and supervision of projects on behalf of our clients. These services include delivery of project readiness, installation, start–up and commissioning, as well as conducting performance guarantee tests.