List of Abbreviations

BLD-Buildings CS-Company Secretary GM-Green Mobility MEA-Ministry of External Affairs P&RES-Projects & Railway Equipment Services S&GM-Sustainability and Green Mobility WRIO-Western Region Inspection Office
BD-Buisness Development CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility HR-Human Resources MMLP-Multi Modal Logistic Park PE-Project Execution SD-Station Development WRPO-Western Region Project Office
BPA-Buildings,Ports & Airports CSO-Chief Strategy Officer HW-Highway MS-Management Services PU-Project Unit SRIO-Southern Region Inspection Office WWay-Waterways
C&E-Concurrence & Expotech ECRPO-East Coast Region Project Office ICP-Integrated Check Post MU-Metro Unit QA-Quality Assurance SRPO-Southern Region Project Office
CED-Civil Engineering Design ERIO-Eastern Region Inspection Office IMEEC-India Middle East Europe Corridor NERPO-North Eastern Region Project Office RES-Railway Equipment Services T&S-Track & Survey
CPC-Contract Policy Cell ERPO-Eastern Region Project Office IT-Information Technology NRIO-Northern Region Inspection Office RI-Railway Infrastructure TS-Technical Services
CPO-Chief People Officer FE&T-Finance Establishment & Taxation JJM-Jal Jeevan Mission NRPO-Northern Region Project Office RP-Rail Projects UE-Urban Engineering
CRIO-Central Region Inspection Office Fin-Corporate Finance LS-Leasing Services O&M-Operation & Maintenance Services S&CC-Strategy & Corporate Communication UI-Urban Infrastructure
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